Bold new levels of Geekness

After this weekend I’m thinking that if I want to be able to function in “normal” society I am going to have to cut any kind of Star Wars input, interactions, exposure.  On Sunday the Portland Symphony Orchestra’s Pops performance was “A Tribute to John Williams”.   Things went well the music was beautiful the new conductor is both talented and funny. It was truly enjoyable. Until I managed to have an utterly geeky moment. During intermission members of the 501st (People who dress up in Star Wars outfits etc.) were collecting money for the make a wish foundation. I went out to the lobby, knowing full well that these people were going to be about, and had a viseral reaction to dodge behind a pillar the second I saw someone in a stormtrooper’s uniform.  I literally froze in place for a moment. I wonder if I wouldn’t have done something stupid if I hadn’t seen a woman dressed in a Jedi outfit standing between me and the nearest stormtrooper… Seriously I almost made a huge ass of myself at a symphony performace because some guy/girl was dressed up as a badguy from my childhood…

But the plus side is that most of the people around were of similar mind set and Robert Moody even particiapeted in a fight jedi v stormtroopers.  It isn’t every day you see a symphony conductor put down his baton and pick up a lightsaber.  It was truly a great time even though I nearly humiliated myself beyond belief.

On a less geek note (or on a different kind of geek note) John Williams is an amazing composer the Violin solo in the “Schindler’s List” Theme is so beautiful I’ll be putting that on my iPod!

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