Moxie Festival

Selling books at Moxie Festival
Selling books at Moxie Festival

Summer and I got the opportunity to spend Saturday at the Moxie Festival in Lisbon, Maine. We joined up with Peter Dudar (author of Angel of Death; Blood Cult of the Booby Farmers and several other awesome horror novels

Summer and I got to hang out; watch a parade and talk to a lot of really cool people. That last one is the best part really. I am solidly in the introvert category (meeting people makes me break out in hives ~.^) but when you have something in common with people it is so much easier! It also helps that everyone at Moxie Fest just seems to be in a good mood (must be all the sugar and caffeine!)

Summer as Mr. Moxie
Summer as Mr. Moxie

Hopefully we will be able to go to a couple more of these outings and get to meet all the people who have read our books (or who are interested in our stories)

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